Definitions (7)

1. The adhesion and grip of concrete or mortar to reinforcement or to other surfaces against which it is placed, including friction due to shrinkage and longitudinal shear in the concrete engaged by the bar deformations.

2. The adhesion of cement paste to aggregate.

3. Adherence between plaster coat or between plaster and a substratum produced by adhesive or cohesive properties of plaster or supplemental materials.

4. In masonry, the connection between stones, bricks, or other materials formed by laying them in an overlapping arrangement, one on top of another, to form a single wall mass.

5. The arrangement of, or pattern formed by, the exposed faces of laid masonry units.

6. The layer of glue in a plywood joint.

7. A written document, given by a surety in the name of a principal to an obligee to guarantee a specific obligation. See also bid bond, completion bond, fidelity bond, labor and materials payment bond, performance bond, statutory bond, and surety bond.


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