Definitions (7)

1. An externally threaded, cylindrical fastening device fabricated from a rod, pin, or wire, with a round, square, or hexagonal head that projects beyond the circumference of the shank to facilitate gripping and turning. A threaded nut fits onto the end of a bolt and is tightened by the application of torque.

2. The protruding part of a lock that prevents a door from opening.

3. Raw material used in the manufacture of shingles and shakes. A wedge-shaped split from a short length of log that is taken to a mill for manufacturing.

4. Short logs to be sawn for lumber or peeled for veneer.

5. Wood sections from which barrel staves are made.

6. A large roll of cloth or textile.

7. A single package containing two or more rolls of wallpaper.

Picture of bolt
Picture of bolt


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